Opportunity Details

The ability to go from big picture to granular detail is key for planning success. Opportunity Details allows you to inspect each individual opportunity retrofit generated by the Pivot Inference Engine - how it affects the savings across cost, consumption, and emissions, financial key points, and detailed disaggregation charts showcasing where are the savings come from. You can also see on what buildings the particular opportunity can be applied, and how this retrofit would impact them.
The Opportunity Details page has a consistent layout of presenting you all the information you need - starting from the overall impact of the retrofit, down to financial key indicators. It has a category themed chart that disaggregates the savings by category, so you can inspect how this opportunity would affect the savings in detail. At last, a list of all the buildings that this opportunity applies to, with numbers to show the potential impact.
Icon for Opportunity Details

Up close with the Opportunity Details

Overall Information at a Glance

The Hero Card has the theme colour of the category that the particular opportunity affects. It shows descriptive information of the impact, the savings across cost, consumption, and emissions.

Depending on if you access the Opportunity Details from the Opportunities Aggregation Page - the calculations are aggregated, or a particular Building Details page - the calculations are exact for that building.

Screenshot of Overall Information at a Glance

Financial Impact

All this information is followed by the financial indicators, such as payback years and the risk rating - aggregated numbers if you are inspecting for all buildings, or exact value if you are looking for a particular building.

Screenshot of Financial Impact

Dense Information in Clear Visibility

One of the most powerful charts on the Platform is the Dissagregation Chart - you get dense information of the impact (before and after) across cost, consumption, and emissions across all categories, clearly presented as gauge charts. You can toggle on and off individual categories to focus and compare a smaller set of data.

Interested in percentage values instead of units? Just toggle the switch located on the top right corner of the card.

Screenshot of Dense Information in Clear Visibility

All Applicable Buildings at Glance

See all the buildings where this improvement is applicable. The data is presented in tabular view by default, colour coded by the type of the buildings for easier recognition. You can sort and search by different columns, and also toggle each column visibility - so you can focus only on the important metrics that you see fit.

There is a Card View available that is focused on the financial metrics - just toggle the switch located on the top right corner of the table to access it.

Screenshot of All Applicable Buildings at Glance

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