Opportunities Discovery

At the heart of Pivot Technology lies the Opportunity Discovery tool. With the power of Machine Learning, the Pivot Inference Engine suggests a set of opportunities for your buildings' data - opportunities that you can discover selectively, or discover all at once. When an Opportunity is being discovered, the Pivot Inference Engine is crunching all the data and dependently calculates all retrofit opportunities - giving you highly accurate results in investments and savings: aggregated, per building, or per opportunity.
With Opportunities Discovery tool you can see what retrofit opportunities are discovered, and what opportunities can be discovered. It can be accessed from the Buildings Overview page for bulk discovery throughout your whole portfolio, or from any Building Details page where you can focus on the opportunities for that single building. You can also enable automatic discovery of opportunities from the Scalable Building Data Loader.
Icon for Opportunities Discovery

Up close with the Opportunities Discovery

Discover Your Retrofit Improvements

Opportunities Discovery tool shows all possible retrofit opportunities to discover in a tabular format for easier comparison. Already discovered opportunities have calculations for Payback, Investment, Emission Reduction, and Risk Rating. The ones that can be discovered are grayed out. By checking/unchecking the boxes in front of each row you can selectively discover/rediscover opportunities.

Depending on if you access the Opportunites Discovery from Buildings Overview page or Building Details page, you get Opportunity Discovery tool for all buildings, or for a particular building respectfuly.

Screenshot of Discover Your Retrofit Improvements

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