Opportunities Aggregation

After analyzing all viable opportunities for your building data, Pivot aggregates all opportunities and provides you an opportunity-centric dashboard. A dashboard where you can see what opportunity applies to most buildings, what are the top retrofit categories that can be improved, and a tabular view of all opportunities in the system.
Opportunities Aggregation Dashboard is the fastest way to know what opportunities would make the most impact, and what are the top categories to improve across your portfolio. The opportunity applicable on most buildings is presented in a hero card format, showing information like Performance and Tenant Impact, list of applicable buildings, savings across cost, consumption, and emissions, as well as financial indicators as investment, payback, and risk rating. The top retrofit categories are in their theme colour, so you can immediately notice what improvements would drive the savings. All opportunities are presented in a tabular format and an optional Card View that focuses on retrofit performance.
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Up close with the Opportunities Aggregation

The Opportunity applicable to Most Buildings

See the opportunity applicable to most buildings in an information structure that makes sense.

Colour coded depending on the category, the hero card presents the information about the Performance and Tenant impact, the savings across cost, emissions and consumption, as well as financial metrics like payback, investment and risk rating.

The second half of the hero card lists the top buildings for this retrofit, giving you an instant sense of how to structure the retrofit planning.

Screenshot of The Opportunity applicable to Most Buildings

What category should you improve first?

This section lists the top categories of which improvements can bring you the most savings. They are presented in a colour coded cards, showing reductions across cost, consumption and emissions, as well as the number of applicable buildings.

Screenshot of What category should you improve first?

All Opportunities at a Glance

A tabular view of all the opportunities generated from the Pivot Inference Engine. You can filter and sort via the table headers accross different columns.

Want to tailor the table view for your needs? You can enable or disable columns from the View Columns dropdown, so you can make the table view as simple or as complex as you need.

There is also a Card View option - focused on clear display of performance data. You can switch between Table and Card View by clicking the top right toggle above the table.

Screenshot of All Opportunities at a Glance

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