Digital Twin Editor

To create an accurate digital copy of a particular building, the Pivot Inference Engine powered up with Machine Learning analyzes the data. Through multiple complex calculations, it fills the gaps where the data is missing. The result is a highly accurate Digital Twin of your building. And the Digital Twin Editor is the tool that gives you access to review or modify all the data that the Digital Twin is built upon.
Dive deeper into all the systems and components of a particular building. From General Building Details to Envelope, Roofs, Walls, Glazing, Space, Zones and Renewable Energy Generation Details, the Digital Twin Editor allows you to dive into details and see even the smallest impact. You also have a real-time graphical representation of the efficiency score overall and by category.
Icon for Digital Twin Editor

Up close with the Digital Twin Editor

Organization of the Digital Twin Data

The Digital Twin Editor has all the systems organized in horizontal tabs on the top. Each system values are organized into components, shown as vertical tabs on the left. This is your main navigation to find the values you are interested in.

The content in the middle contains all relevant values to the selected component. The value's inputs can vary from normal numeric inputs to selections, radio buttons, sliders, and chart representations schedules (as shown in the screenshot). There is a gray status box representing the impact of that particular input. And for deeper data analysis - there is a toggle to show the advanced fields as well.

On the right of the Digital Twin Editor we've built a real-time graphical representation of the efficiency impact overall, and by category. As you tweak the data you can see real-time feedback of your changes.

Screenshot of Organization of the Digital Twin Data

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