Good energy efficiency retrofit projects are difficult and costly to identify, while time-consuming to validate for investment. That's why we built the Dashboard - an aggregated view of all your data on Pivot Platform, giving you an advantage starting point for building your case.
Review all possible savings of cost, consumption, and emissions. Identify ROI and risk metrics. Learn what potential retrofits on what buildings are driving those savings. Complex knowledge packed in a simple and intuitive interface.
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Up close with the Dashboard

Your Opportunities Overview

Know what you can save across your buildings. Cost, consumptions and emissions savings at glance. How many potential retrofit packages can be applied to a number of buildings on how much gross floor area.

Screenshot of Your Opportunities Overview

Finance and Insurance at glance

Discover the payback period, investment, and the risk rating, alongside consumption and emissions reduction.

Screenshot of Finance and Insurance at glance

Savings in details

Disaggregated presentation of the savings. You can see the impact across all the measures, or go into details and filter them individually by clicking on their representative icon. Compare before and after on the intuitive disaggregation chart. Want more information on the actual numbers? Just toggle the switch on the top right to units, and see the values for every measure.

Screenshot of Savings in details

Buildings that drive the savings

Bar chart representation of the building archetypes that are driving the savings.

Screenshot of Buildings that drive the savings

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