Buildings Overview

A lot of data requires an easy and familiar view to analyze. With that in mind, we've built the Buildings Overview in a format that displays all the necessary data that you are looking for. And we didn't stop there - we've created an optional Card View that focuses on retrofit performance.
With customizable columns and filter options, the Buildings Overview can be tailored always to display what is important to you at the given moment. Want to focus on the retrofit performance for each building? - just switch the toggle to Card View, and focus on the numbers. Want to export the data to Excel? - There is a button for that.
Icon for Buildings Overview

Up close with the Buildings Overview

All Buildings Data at Glance

We are presenting all the filtered buildings' data in a familiar and enhanced tabular format.

With powerful sorting and filtering column options, you can easily find the right set of buildings to analyze. And complicated data shouldn't be complicated to read - with simple additions like colour-coded archetypes and risk rating, it is a joy to analyze all the metrics.

We also show you the buildings that are being analyzed by the Pivot Inference Engine (yellow row), and the buildings which opportunities haven't been discovered yet (gray row).

Want more details? - Just click on any building of interest and navigate to the Building Details page.

And you can customize much more...

Screenshot of All Buildings Data at Glance

Customization. Unlimited.

You can make the data display as simple or as complex as you want. By toggling the data sets from the View columns dropdown, you can add or subtract your table view, so you can focus on the important parts easily.

The data can be exported to Excel with just one click for further investigation.

And for the huge data sets - we've created batch tools under the Manage dropdown, where you can Discover or Remove all Opportunities, or Remove all of the buildings in the system and have a fresh start.

Screenshot of Customization. Unlimited.

Analytic Cards Focused on Performance

With just one click - convert the Table View into focused Card View.

We've built the Card view for easy analyzing and comparing the performance of the opportunities on each building.

Following the same colour-coded archetypes and risk ratings, we innovate from the familiar tabular view into a new experience of the data.

Simplicity, Power, and Convenience. What's not to love?

Screenshot of Analytic Cards Focused on Performance

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