Building Details

A clear view of all the details is important for decision making. The Building Details page lets you focus on a particular building from your data set - see its details, explore the retrofit KPIs and all applicable opportunities, or modify its properties through the Digital Twin Editor.
Building Details have clear and focused informational cards. From the building details, through Calculated Cost, Emission and Carbon reduction, dissagregated savings data, and a detailed view of all applicable opportunities - you have every detail you need. You can dive deeper into the Digital Twin Editor to review the building properties.
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Up close with the Building Details

Information structure that makes sense

An information-dense card that logically presents the statistics of a selected building.

Imediatelly see the savings opportunity calculated from the Pivot Inference Engine, followed up by building details, such as archetype, location, year built, area, and floors above ground. You can even personalize it and upload different photos of the building. See the exact location on the map, and an option to expand it fullscreen.

The action buttons above give you the option to quickly edit, remove or export a report of this building in an Excel format, as well as access the Discover Opportunities manager and the Digital Twin Editor.

This information card is followed up with the retrofit KPIs - payback years, investment, consumption and emissions reduction, as well as the risk rating for the retrofit opportunities.

Screenshot of Information structure that makes sense

Savings in details

Disaggregated presentation of the savings. You can see the impact across all the measures, or go into details and filter them individually by clicking on their representative icon. Compare before and after on the intuitive disaggregation chart. Want more information on the actual numbers? Just toggle the switch on the top right to units, and see the values for every measure.

Screenshot of Savings in details

What Opportunities are driving the Savings

Tabular data of all the improvement opportunities that are driving the savings. You can sort or filter by column, toggle columns visibility from the "View Columns" dropdown, bulk remove all discovered opportunities or remove a single one from the icon on the right side of the table row.

You can also switch to Card View by toggling the switch on the top right - a view for easy analyzing and comparing performance data.

Screenshot of What Opportunities are driving the Savings

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