Efficiency Made Simple

When you combine risk analytics, building science, and machine learning, you get accurate building energy modeling with an integration layer for insurance and financing.

Single buildings or whole regions, the Pivot Technology is built with scalable architecture in mind.

The Pivot Technology packs all this data in a simple and easy to use interface, so you can filter on desired criteria to build business cases with ease.

Pivot AI

The Pivot Technology At Glance

Laptop screen with Pivot features

Create Digital Twin of your Buildings

Input just a few key facts and Pivot creates an accurate digital twin of your property. Add more details for a more customized experience. Have more than 1 building? Upload your entire portfolio at once.


Discover your Opportunities

With the power of Machine Learning, Pivot helps you confidently identify opportunities at any scale and with any portfolio without leaving your desk.


Filter with Precision

Equiped with advanced options, our platform allows you to filter projects based on your unique portfolio needs - all without waiting weeks for the results.


Organize your Portfolios

Organize all of your data by what matters: emissions, ROI, or initial investment. Pivot provides engineering and financial analytics in a box, allowing you to have investment-grade tools at your fingertips to identify project worth and ROI.

Pivot Technology Features

Get up close with all the features that Pivot Platfrom offers.

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Forward Translator
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Icon for Global Filters
Global Filters
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Icon for Scalable Building Data Loader
Scalable Building Data Loader
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Buildings Overview
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Icon for Building Details
Building Details
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Digital Twin Editor
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Opportunities Discovery
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Opportunities Aggregation
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Opportunity Details
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We offer you seamless integration

No matter if you have a lot of data spread through various tools, or you want to start from scratch - we help you integrate our platform in four stages:


You get to know us

Who we are, what we can do to improve your workflow, and how we can do it.


We get to know you

We’ll ask more detailed technical questions and practice data exchange so we can better demonstrate the benefits we offer.


Fitment Assessment

Now that we know each other better, we’ll align our services to seamlessly onboard our product and precisely fit your needs.


Verify and Refine

Together we dive deep into the results of the assessment and verify the output.

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