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Overcome barriers to entry - trust in savings and access to funding

Limiting factors for uptake of innovative technology for the zero carbon transition are high transaction costs, lack of trust in savings and limited access to finance. Sales processes are often long and customer’s demands for short paybacks need to be overcome.

These hurdles can be overcome by introduction of insured savings and external, flexible capital enabling deeper projects to be proposed to save more carbon.

The Pivot platform provides efficient project identification, deployment model and execution of projects in an end-to-end workflow.

Pivot offers a clear route to client engagement and trust that your solution will deliver the benefits promised. Trust in the form of performance guarantees, based on the independent verification of any technology’s performance by the platform and funding solutions that comes with it. Partner with Pivot for enhanced sales and new business models, the platform has a global audience and so will your technology once you have onboarded.

Innovative technology with energy efficiency or net zero offering can be further enhanced by the insurance and financing solution brought by integrating with Pivot. Combining performance guarantees and financial underwriting for technology is truly innovative.

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Technology Powered by Pivot - Benefits and Opportunities

Offer product guarantees on technology, providing full confidence in performance, savings, income and service level

Make performance data collection more profitable – benefit from behaviourally driven efficiencies and savings by leveraging collected data

Support sales
Marketability – pre-empt performance shortfall discussions with guaranteed performance and operation backed by insurance
Shorten sales cycle and increase conversion – enhance buy-in, standardise sale, fast lane to scale deployment

Provide distributed assets with performance and asset cover and maximise the opportunity from community generation

Product guarantees and financing enable attractive ‘as-a-service’ or a lease model

Pivot Risk Analytics

The Pivot platform calculates the likelihood of a project’s technical under-performance and will generate a measurement of risk.

Insure Savings

Against that measurement of risk our insurance partner will price an insurance policy on the platform.

Guaranteed Debt repayment

The insurance policy underwrites the projected financial savings. This delivers constant revenue for debt service and long tenures.

Pivot Platform Integration and Onboarding

Pivot’s platform and financial solutions can be applied to all building types. Once technologies are onboarded, they can be paired with other partner technologies on the platform for integrated or individual risk assessment for any given project. The financial savings are then guaranteed by an A- Rated insurer integrated into the platform. Efficient project finance can then be introduced. Pivot can operate initially on very little data about the building, enabling the project developer to scope a project that can be fully funded and guaranteed.

In addition, insurance can be applied to cover the asset, the lease or as-a-service payments and the income from distributed generation. The structure of the performance guarantee can trigger from a range of data points from measured financial savings to the availability or performance set points, all of which are monitored by the Pivot platform.

Full commercial deployment requires onboarding and integration. Pivot is built for full API, input / output integration and the platform comes pre-integrated with insurance and finance. Technology onboarding onto the platform follows a format where both commercial and technical aspects are embedded for seamless scenario analysis and execution.

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