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Investable proposals for customer engagement and conversion

40% of carbon emissions are generated by the built environment. Despite highly effective technology being available, building owners and tenants are not adopting energy efficiency at the required scale, often due to a lack of confidence in the financial savings, high transaction costs and limited availability of efficient capital. Pivot’s analytics platform provides those advising towards lowered carbon and savings with a strategic workflow tool to bridge between energy management and risk management - supporting financial decisions at scale.

Pivot empower those advising on the zero carbon transition by enabling environmental and financial sustainability at speed and at scale.

Pivot powers advisors and technical consultants with a certainty of financing with which they can engage registered providers of housing, CRE owners and commercial tenants. The Pivot platform serves to reduce the transaction costs around project discovery, implementation and procurement. We recognise the need to aggregate and innovate multiple technologies to achieve net zero, and we do it by guaranteeing the savings needed to unlock efficient financing based on Pivot’s risk analytics.

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Speed of engagement using existing data

Offer profitable routes to compliance and zero carbon

Pivot machine learning provides a faster route from basic data sets to actionable reports enabling earlier and more targeted engagement with less upfront work. Use the platform for desktop audits, log your findings directly onto the platform, confirm initial assessment with integrated satellite and street views.


Enhance proposals with financing

Guarantee your clients the projected returns and help them secure project funding

Historic, current and future project design and proposals can be underpinned with certainty of financing through guaranteed savings. Enables strategic approaches to financially constrained landlords seeking routes to compliance, in particular in the mid-tier. We therefore help you to expand the addressable market.


Incremental revenue from existing customers

Execute on more projects by turning sustainability risk into savings

Integrating Pivot into client portfolio management and project development enables more projects for execution - realised client savings, less CO2, better living and work environments. Generate client value while earning fees throughout project life cycle – end-to-end.

We bring together and integrate the product offering of multiple parties, whether as supplier of technology or services, to offer the customer a combined solution, but with guaranteed financial performance.

We accommodate and encourage a systemic solution, with multiple technologies and revenue models working together under a common language and with aligned goals.

We have developed a process for onboarding new technology, tailored packages and design combinations, which is transparent and data driven. Once on the platform, technologies and packages and designs are approved for insurance so the technical under-performance is guaranteed, it will not lead to financial under-performance for either the owner or tenant, or the finance provider.

Advise and design with a view to execution with guaranteed savings and project finance enabling compliance where the user gets a healthier, sustainable space, that is cheaper to run with all capital improvements paid for by the savings generated.


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