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Risk mitigation for deployment of social infrastructure finance

Energy efficiency projects for real estate require a substantial amount of capital and existing due diligence tools offer little in the way of dynamically managing that risk. Right now, you can make a snapshot analysis of an investment opportunity, but that projection will change once real-world conditions need to be addressed, i.e. the architect decides that larger windows better fit their aesthetic, or a new performance standard is passed, with which the planned building may not comply.

At the same time, investors are seeking to introduce distributed energy resources to create energy communities within new business models, but are lacking the tools and metrics to quantify, benchmark and manage performance risk. This lack of trust in projected savings and generation is preventing the market from scaling.

Pivots’ novel analytics for building science generate sophisticated risk metrics, as widely used in financial markets. These address the concerns of investors looking to deploy capital in energy efficiency and renewables at scale.

​The Pivot platform enables the funder to understand the true impact of design changes on operating costs before funds are committed. Pivot quantifies the underlying technical and financial risk associated with proposed energy efficiency enhancement investments, before expensive decisions are made. Pivot then allows you to be in control of the amount of risk you are willing to take with our insurance guarantee which is integrated into the platform. Following project commissioning, Pivot implements ongoing metering and monitoring. We use data sciences for precision risk mitigation through proactive operation & maintenance and provide with a live dashboard of performance.
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Risk Mitigation

The platform can be used right at the beginning of the project development cycle, using a powerful inference engine to bridge gaps in data and generate initial business cases based on your risk and return goals. We show the availability and pricing of energy savings insurance to enable larger projects to progress with additional financial security. The platform continually assesses the project through the design phase and undertakes final technical diligence to provide a binding insurance quote ahead of construction commencing.

The projects can then be structured providing consistent cashflows for debt service, while leaving a proportion of the savings with the bill payer to deliver a day 1 benefit. There exist a number of mechanisms for social landlords to recover the savings payments from residents including becoming the wholesale utility which provides credit enhancement.

Distributed Energy Resources

Pivot recongnises the future of energy will be digital and distributed and that these downstream assets present attractive investments subject to an appropriate risk mitigation strategy. The Pivot platform can guarantee the performance. This enables separate ownership of DER and new ESCO 2.0 business models that can be deployed alongside large scale energy retrofit projects or within greenfield new build.

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