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Carbon efficiency with capital efficiency

Guaranteed carbon and cost reductions, legislative compliance and healthier living spaces for the affordable housing sector.​

The Pivot platform enables building owners to act with confidence and speed towards the goal of net zero. Through the application of data driven engineering, risk analytics and insurance, we bridge between energy management and risk management delivering efficient project funding.

Pivot operates at very large-scale aggregating projects across large portfolios. We enable and partner with all project stakeholders, supporting project design with the certainty of performance and financing.

Pivot’s platform is used by registered providers and energy consultants to plan and implement net zero programmes across large housing portfolios, making capital intensive projects actionable. We understand the requirements and restrictions placed on registered providers and enable flexible financing structures that are both on and off-balance sheet, creating projects that pay for themselves while removing all performance risk from the building owner or resident.

The Pivot platform is underwritten by a global A-rated insurance company and partners with several project finance funds to deliver the best solution for your portfolio.

We deliver on common goals:

Guaranteed carbon and cost reductions

Compliance with green legislation

Guaranteed returns​

Healthier spaces for residents

We tailor our tools for

Registered Providers
(Housing Associations)
Property Investors
Technical Advisors
Project Investors
Technology Providers​
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"Our team and judges collectively thought Pivot Energy to be one of the most promising companies to drive the UK's net zero ambition forward."

In driving Net Zero development, Pivot's ambition is to provide progressive Housing Associations with a balance sheet management solution that allows them to renovate existing stock while preserving resources to build new.

It is estimated that to reach UK legislative targets, the sector requires £65B scaling to £100B+.

Pivot makes the numbers stack.​

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How does it work?


Step 1. Input

Input as few as 4 key facts and Pivot creates an accurate digital twin of your property. Add more details for a more customized experience.

Have more than 1 building? Upload your entire portfolio at once.


Step 2. Identify

Pivot identifies opportunities to improve building efficiency and lower emissions. Use the preference-sliders to find the best fit for your unique portfolio. In only minutes you are on your way to improved cash flow, no second-guessing involved.


Step 3. Insure

Put our recommendations to work to get ahead of energy regulations and save money on operations – Investment Grade Analysis allows us to underpin performance and deliver funding.

Our optional insurance guarantees your performance.

The Power to Know with Pivot

Laptop screen with Pivot features

Intelligent Energy Twin

Helps you confidently identify opportunities at any scale and with any portfolio without leaving your desk.

Desktop Business Cases

Gives you both an engineer and financial analyst in a box, allowing you to have investment-grade tools at your fingertips to identify project worth and ROI.

Opportunity Filters

Easily filter projects based on your unique portfolio needs- all without waiting weeks for the results.

Project Directory

Opportunities organized by what matters: emissions, ROI, or initial investment.

Profile picture of Jay from Hillman Consulting
Hillman Consulting

"We do energy assessments and sometimes we have to say 'no' to building owners because they don't have enough data for a model.
Pivot enables us to say 'yes' so our clients can know exactly where to spend their money to get the most savings."

Frequently Asked Questions

We've gathered up the questions we get the most...
…but if you have more, we’d love to hear from you.

Does Pivot work on more than one building at a time? / What if I want to use Pivot on my entire portfolio?

We can analyze entire portfolios or even communities according to your goals. For example, Pivot can be optimized for Net Zero strategy development, goal seek by payback, compliance with legislation or GHG reduction. Once the analysis has run, you can drill down to a single building and analyze more deeply from an engineering and financial perspective before you decide to move forward with any project.

Does Pivot only work for retrofitting buildings, or is it appropriate for new builds as well?​

Pivot works for both planning and making the case for retrofit projects or as a design and forecasting tool for new-builds.

Can I use this software to model a net zero building?

Yes. Yes you can.

Is this model a "look-alike" building or a specific building with it's actual systems?

Yes, we analyze the entire building with actual systems. You can zero in on a single system or expand your view to the whole building. Our building energy analysis implements the ISO:52016-1 for coarse-grained low input exploration through deep verification of investment-grade building audits. Start with the data you have and progressively provide more data as you work through Pivot project development process.

How is the ROI or payback calculated? (simple, etc.)

The ROI is calculated as a simple payback based on the predicted energy use reduction. Pivot quantifies the range of possible outcomes from the worst to best cases which explores all significant impactors like, but not limited to equipment performance, weather data and operations. We are working to incorporate financial performance and incentives into the ROI calculations in future releases.

Is this something that will allow us to bring energy assessment in-house?

Pivot provides you with a building engineer and a financial analyst in a box. You can run audits and benchmarking without needing a consultant. When you do need one you have built power in the procurement discussion and their work will be to confirm your results – making the engagement quicker and cheaper.

Is this connected to real-time energy costs?

We default to using regional average costing for energy as we find this is very adequate for the analysis we perform. However, you have the flexibility to provide your unique energy cost data should you choose to do so.

How does Pivot impact my financing?

Pivot analyzes the technical risk of your current or new building energy systems performing as expected. Our risk metrics enable you to transfer that risk to an insurance company meaning your financing is pricing only your credit risk. On a net basis, the overall costs will be significantly lower.

How does the insurance work? / Are we required to use the insurance?

The energy savings insurance is an additional, optional solution available on the platform. It guarantees the financial savings from a retrofit designed on the platform – which Pivot will measure post-commissioning. These savings are often used to service project finance while the insurance enables you to finance the upgrades at a cheaper rate.

How does Pivot charge?

Pivot software is provided under a base licence which scales when projects are taken through technical due diligence to obtain insurance terms.​
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Your building's performance has never been a sure thing until now.
Plan your design, build it out, and operate knowing how much energy your building(s) uses every year - all without guessing.

In fact, Pivot is so accurate you can insure your building's performance with an A rated insurance company.

Plan. Build. Operate.

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